STICK THIS: Fabric-Covered Over-Sized Christmas Candies

Here’s a cute and easy project that you can do to get in the holiday spirit. Kids can make their own (with supervision or help during the glue gun use) as decorations or gifts, and you can customize yours to suit your style and decor.

These “candies” can also be strung together to make a garland to wrap around your Christmas tree or stair rail. I’m sure you can also come up with other fun ideas for them, like piling them in baskets or tucking them into the branches of your tree.


– empty pill bottles (without lids) or similar sized cylinders

– rectangles of fabric approximately 5″ by 6″

– string, twine or ribbon

– glue gun, sticks

– scissors

1. Lay the pill bottle on the fabric and glue gun one edge of the fabric to the bottle.

2. Roll the bottle in the fabric and glue the other edge of the fabric to the bottle.

3. Cut pieces of string and tie them around the fabric on both sides of the bottle. Trim the ends of the string.

4. DONE! You can tie the candies together with more string to form a garland or leave them separate. Enjoy!