World Planning Day Awards

This year to celebrate World Planning Day, the City of Cold Lake called upon the kids of the city to send in their best pictures, in a colouring contest. There were 24 submissions for the 2017 World Planning Day Colouring Contest. This is an annual event that the City of Cold Lake Planning and Development Department hosts in celebration of the day which took place on November 8. The event recognizes how city planning progresses and contributes to the quality of the environment.

At the November 28, 2017 City of Cold Lake Regular Council Meeting, the winning entries were on display during an award presentation.

Aaron McCormack won in the five and under age category. Reighynn Pawlowski received an award in the 6-9 age category, and Cadence Katuski won in the 10+ age category. Aaron had the audience laughing when the Mayor asked him, “What were you trying to do here with your picture?” He had coloured the roof yellow and purple. He replied, “My mom printed them and I coloured them!” Reighlynn, from Art Smith Aviation Academy School, added multi-colours to her drawing, and Cadence, who would like to be a veterinarian when she gets older, added extra brick detailing to her picture. The Mayor thanked everyone for participating and submitting their entries.