OD Saddle Club

While trying to figure out where to go this weekend for geocaching, I read on the official geocaching page that the OD Saddle Club out toward highway 55 is the 4 Wing horse ranch. According to the club’s website, “The goal of our club is to stimulate interest in horsemanship and ranch maintenance, provide a place to participate/coordinate riding activities, and lastly to promote horse care and management. At the ranch we have: an outdoor riding arena, a round pen, a quarantine paddock, a medical paddock, an equipment barn, a clubhouse and 8 separate pastures, 17 individual paddocks, each with their own stall, tack room and hay barn.”

I decided to head out that way and see if any horses were around. There were no horses outside. And no explanation of what OD meant. But I was happy to see the club sign and the cache. To get to the cache, I had to walk through the snow in the ditches, but it was a quick find. No clue was needed for this one. I was happy to find this geocache because the first one I headed out to was unsuccessful. Not only did I drop my GPS into a long, narrow pipe (I thought it was gone for good), but I heard three gun shots. I knew I wasn’t going to head any closer in that direction, so I looked into the long hole, and put my arm down inside. Not only was it deeper than I thought, but there were tree branches growing out of the opening so although I got the GPS back, I also got a cut-up hand. Lesson learned.

I wore mitts when I retrieved the saddle club cache. Driving home shortly after 4:00 p.m., it was getting dark already so I didn’t look for any more. Instead, I enjoyed the Christmas lights as I drove through Cold Lake.