Out to Pasture


To find the Heart of Rex cache this weekend, I drove about 18 km out of Cold Lake. He was well hidden 9 km down a back road called Unnamed Road. His chest had been hollowed out to fit the log book, which I happily pulled out and signed. Even though his teeth are bared and his eyes are red, he looked pretty cute staring out at me from his hiding spot. On my way back from this spot, I saw multiple fields of cows, one looked to have a bleeding nose (picture below), and round bales.

The next geocache I went to was in Beacon Hill. My cell phone clock jumped an hour ahead as I entered Saskatchewan. This cache is a new cache, and I found out no one had found it before. I couldn’t wait to get there and find it so I could claim it a “first to find”. It would be my first “first to find”. I envisioned all these other geocachers heading out today to find it too, and that by the time I got there, other names would be on the log book. The snow was deep, the wind was cold, but I found it quickly. To find this one, you need to be able to read backwards and be a good stretcher or jumper. I took the cache back to my car, slide it open and saw no names. I would be the first person to sign it! I did have a panicky moment when the one pen on me wasn’t working because of the cold (I need to bring a back-up pencil from now on), but the ink did manage to flow onto the paper eventually. Near this geocache is a sign for Beacon Hill Provincial Community Pasture. This was a program the Saskatchewan government had that provided grazing and livestock management services to Saskatchewan livestock producers, but as of March 2017, the government announced it was ending. “After considering the input received through the public engagement process, we have determined that 15-year leases will be offered to interested patron entities,” Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said. “This approach will ensure continued grazing opportunities and environmental stewardship of the land.”