Warm Welcome


Lakeland Geocachers, the Garlic Gulpers, made going out geocaching this weekend worth the frozen feet and hands. And it was because of the hint they give to find their geocache. It misleads you, so when you eventually find it, you are surprised and smiling. I went out searching for three geocaches on Sunday morning. I found two. The one I couldn’t find had the clue, “I am a swinger”. I figured this was because the cache was entitled Trapeze. While I was looking for things swinging on a branch, I heard a noise that made me scream; which turned into a laugh when I saw it was a hawk. I also saw a huge pile of pellets, like an owl leaves behind. I have never seen that before. The owl cache I did find looked good semi-buried under snow, as did the one called Timeless 2. It had a cap of snow on it. I wondered whyy it was called Timeless and if there was a Timeless 1? This Timeless cache made me feel like I had robbed a bank because when I touched this yellow monster inside my hands turned yellow, with some kind of dye I couldn’t get off with the snow. It also had a lighter in it, and that is not allowed, so I took it out of the cache. On my way home, I saw a goose on a post. I know he’s stuffed but he looked real and caught my attention.




My geocaching travels have gotten even more interesting now because I am listening to podcasts as I travel from place to place in my car. May I recommend S-Town, Serial, The Mystery Show and the first four episodes of Lore. They are free to download, and they are what hooked me into erasing all my music from my phone. I only listen to podcasts now when driving.