Sulpher Gates

While out geocaching this last weekend before Halloween, I found bones in the woods, a graveyard by a river, and a platform that hung over a mountain.  All these caches were located about 550 km away from Cold Lake.

At the bottom of a steep trail that climbs up a mountain, there is a geocache hidden on a sign. It’s behind a screw. You have to remove the screw and pull out the container with the log. I have been to this area multiple times looking for this cache and never found it until this weekend. I liked this area because the whole trail is named after a volunteer in the community, and the beautiful views are everywhere you turn.

Another cache was hidden on the bottom of a place called Toboggan Hill. The cache was hidden in a tree stump. You have to take apart the tree stump to find the large cache. Although I found it (and several bones) I couldn’t open the bear-proof vault. Even after reading the directions multiple times. But neither could several other people who had found it prior to me. I really wanted to get inside because it was a travel bug hotel, and there were many in the container.

My GPS took me to these two caches. But while looking for them, I found the Muskeg River Graveyard, and a place called Sulpher Gates. You climb up a mountain and onto four platforms to see the views. From the platforms, you see the Smoky River and the Sulpher River. I liked the rocky steps, the incredibly narrow pathways, and the fact that one of the platforms hangs over the cliff. If you look down between your feet, you feel unsettled. I almost didn’t make it to this cache as part of the road was completely blocked by water. I didn’t know how deep it was, even after throwing rocks into it. But someone coming down the hill reassured me if I stayed in the middle and went slow it was okay. Thank-you to those people for the good advice.