Proposed Kinosoo Fishing Club of Alberta


Marty Taylor, owner and Director of the World Angling League based out of Edmonton was in Cold Lake this past summer. “I consider myself an avid angler. In August, I came to Cold Lake for the first time and I am now absolutely hooked, and I will be coming here a lot. I fell in love with the fishing scene. Within a few hours, on my first time out, I caught six or seven fish.”

During the October 24, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Cold Lake City Council Taylor presented his idea for a Kinosoo Fishing Club of Alberta. The benefits of associating the angling community with the City of Cold Lake includes an increase in revenue through tourism, new jobs such as tackle shops, boat rentals and fishing guides, and added investment for the City through holding annual fishing derbies and building a club house. Taylor proposed having a replica built of the largest lake trout that was caught in Cold Lake in 1929.

Optional rules and regulations for the proposed Fishing Club include:

  • Lake Trout in excess of 75cm (Alberta fishing regulations for harvesting fish; working with local guides, and pegged so that around 20 – 30 fish potential qualify)
  • Must be released (promoting catch & release)
  • Must have picture of fish & angler together
  • Must have picture of fish against ‘fish and game’ 1 meter ruler (free at boat launch)
  • Line is tested for no more than 20lb breaking strain
  • Rod no more than 7’ in length
  • $20 non-member fishing fee (membership on catching 75cm fish)

City of Cold Lake Councillor Kirk Soroka asked Taylor, “Could this tie into fly in fishing derbies too?” Taylor explained that it could, and that the proposed club could set up competitions between other clubs.

In Alberta, in 2010, there were 223,007 active resident anglers. In 2010, there were 602,239 anglers within Western Canada. This number shows a 20% growth from the number five years ago. According to the Freshwater Fisheries Society in British Columbia, “for every dollar invested in services by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, anglers spent an average of $24.00”.

Taylor stated the World Angling League could help promote the initiative to stakeholders in the area (Native Elders, guides, accommodation, tackle shops, local tourist information). And if asked, they could assist with reviewing grant proposals, branding, website content and design, advertising, and monthly promotions.

After hearing Taylor’s delegation to Council, City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland thanked Taylor for coming out from Edmonton to present his initiative. “Your passion is incredible”. He also stated, “This fits into our whole tourism plan, so the next step is to bring this back to Council to ponder”.