Connor McDavid


Connor McDavid has been skating since he was two years old. His rise to become the youngest captain of the NHL is featured in this early non-fiction chapter book in the Amazing Hockey Stories series for kids. With input from Connor and his family, Nicholson follows McDavid from the time he was a young boy, admiring his brother and dad on the ice, to his first NHL playoff experience, and to 2017 when he won the Hart Memorial Trophy at the NHL Awards ceremony.

The early years are divided into five sections. They tell how his parents lied about his age to get him into hockey one year early. McDavid faced challenges always being the youngest on a team, even as he advanced to higher leagues. The hardships he faced by going away to school, and being called a weirdo are featured in photographs and comic strips, both of which appear throughout the book.

His family is included in many of the segments (his dad was his coach), and his first managers who were involved with the Otters and the signing of the first contracts. The second half of the book is divided into McDavid being drafted into the NHL, highlights from his games, and his time playing with Team Canada. When he does have a set-back, like when he broke his collarbone, or when he lost an important game, the author shows how McDavid is able to persevere and continue to work hard to be the best hockey player he can be; not only for himself, but for his team and his fans.

Young hockey fans should enjoy this book because it is filled with hockey highlights and statistics, and lots of love for the game. To win a copy of this book, be the tenth person to email the name of your favourite hockey player and team to [email protected]