Cold Lake to begin using Alberta One-Call

The City of Cold Lake has decided to being using the services of Alberta One-Call. The service provides the location of underground electrical and pipe. Users can access the information quickly by telephone or online.

Currently, the City of Cold Lake is not registered with the private, non-profit corporation Alberta One-Call. If someone is digging and wants to locate buried facilities, they need to contact the City. Azam Khan, General Manager of Infrastructure for the City of Cold Lake, explains, “in the past, there have been some mishaps because contractors or home owners didn’t know they had to contact the City for locates. We expect about 100 locates this year.”

The one-time registration fee for Alberta One-Call is $50.00, and the notification fees for 1 to 100 notification are $6.00 per notification. During the October 24, 2017 Regular Meeting of the Cold Lake City Council, Cold Lake City Councilllor Kirk Soroka asked, “Do we have to pay for locates?” Khan stated, “No. We can use internal resources to provide locate services.”

With all the information presented, council decided to move forward with using the Alberta One-Call services. A motion was passed for the City of Cold Lake to enter into an user agreement with Alberta One-Call to facilitate ground disturbance requests for locates. This agreement will help reduce the risk of personal injury and property damage.