STICK THIS: DIY Costume: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest detective, is a classic figure with many incarnations that remains easily recognizable thanks to one main item: a Deerstalker cap. This hat is so linked to Sherlock that it’s often simply referred to as “Sherlock’s hat”.

I really enjoy the BBC television show “Sherlock” and decided that I wanted to use it as inspiration for a costume. Although Sherlock doesn’t always wear a Deerstalker in the show, he dons it for a few episodes, so I wanted to start with the hat and build my costume from there. I wanted my costume to be obviously “Sherlock Holmes” to everyone, whether they had seen the BBC show or not.

I received a lot of positive comments on both my hat and costume, and I hope this post inspires you to come up with your own “Sherlock” outfit.

Basic Sherlock Holmes:

1. Deerstalker cap

2. Dark-colored coat

BBC Sherlock:

3. Blue scarf

4. Purple dress shirt

Accessories like a pipe and magnifying glass for a classic Sherlock Holmes look or a smart phone and skull for BBC’s Sherlock also make great touches.

1. Deerstalker cap

I made mine out of an old coat that I bought at a second hand store. I searched for patterns online and did a lot of trial and error, but am very pleased with the result. Patterns and tutorials exist for those of you who wish to take sewing one. There are also tutorials showing how to modify a baseball cap by gluing a piece of cardboard onto the back as a second “brim” and then covering the cap with fabric or painting it with acrylic paint. Deerstalker caps are also available to purchase online and in costume stores.

2. Dark-colored coat

I scored this charcoal grey wool coat at a second hand store. Depending on where and when you’ll be wearing your costume, you might want a warmer or cooler coat. I wore mine outside to take my kids trick-or-treating, so I wanted it to be warm. A dark-colored trench coat might be more comfortable if you’re attending a party or event that’s indoors. Coats of every size and color are available online or at second hand stores.

3. On the BBC show, Sherlock always wears a blue chenille scarf. Dollar stores, clothing stores, and second hand stores often have scarves available. I purchased mine online for a few dollars.

4. On the BBC show, Sherlock dons a purple dress shirt in one episode. I stole mine from my husband’s closet – hopefully he’s not reading this 😉 – but I’ve seen them at second hand stores also, and I’m sure you can get them at clothing stores and online too. This isn’t a crucial item, but I thought it was a nice finishing touch for my costume.


“The game is on!”