Lost Tools


Lost Tools is a series of 11 geocaches hidden on a quadding trail in the Lakeland area. I liked the story behind this one, and I learned the owner had recently went out to double-check to make sure they were all still there.

I was unfamiliar with the area, and it was going to be a trek, so I asked Csnail to go with me. It’s good to have company for when things go wrong. And they did. I got us lost and muddied our footwear to the point when I went to a friend’s house afterward, I left my shoes outside on the step and walked inside sock-footed. Although it was my intention to find them all, and complete the series, time went by so fast, and the sun was setting. But before the dark, we found four tools hanging from tree branches like Christmas ornaments. There was the rusty saw, the camo coloured stapler, a long twisty auger bit, and a framing square. Bending our bodies around the branches, we had to avoid getting caught on the tools and we had to get at the tiny tube attached to them. The log book scroll was stuffed inside. With no tweezers, we used our fingers and pen to extract the tightly wound paper. We were happy to add our fake names to the short list of lucky people who found them.

There were three memories from that day that will stay with me. One; we saw a grouse. He seemed to be guarding the cache. As soon as we spied him, and I shouted out his existence, he took off running away. I do like the sound of that. And we heard that rustling sound a couple more times further up the line, but never saw him again. Two; we saw a lot of heavy garbage. Things like a washer, and a big screen TV. We each wondered how they got so far into the woods. And around one bend we were not supposed to go, we saw a huge area (living room size) of green glass. Where did that come from? Why the blanket nearby? And three; driving down a dirt road, we saw a vehicle coming toward us that reminded me of something you would see in a Mad Max movie.