Geocaching Bone

After visiting with an Alberta author who has written a book about Jack the Ripper, I went geocaching out around the outskirts of Cherry Grove. My first find I thought would be car related because the title was car themed. I am still not sure why it had Matchbox in the title because the cache itself was a camouflaged canister, but I found it after a few minutes of searching near a fence. I have been near this area before; in the spring, the fields nearby are covered with Canadian geese. But now with the snow, all I found was a gigantic piece of a jaw bone. It was outside the fence, not inside. One person I know thought it might be from a cow or moose. Another person thought it might be from a horse. Either way, it’s there for the next geocacher to spot. I liked this geocache because it brought me close to an area I like to drive past, and the log looked liked it had been eaten. There was a huge bite out of it.

My second set of coordinates took me onto a curved road with a view of a grassy path. Now, I was worried about this one because it was called Pooh Tree. There were some comments that had me wondering what I would be routing around in, but I found what I needed to find, almost by accident. It was on the ground, under dead-fall. I was heading out of the thistley area because I had given up, and that is when I saw some black duct tape. I got dirty opening him, but inside was a log container I never seen before. I am shocked I got the rolled up paper out by just using my fingers. I felt pretty good after finding this one because the last person to log the cache was back in July 2016. I often think of the owner of the cache when I log the find because they get a notification it’s been found. So I feel those good feelings they gave me are reciprocated by me letting them know I found their hidden treasure.