Hogwarts Express


Last weekend, I couldn’t find the geocache named Hogwarts Express. It was the final one I needed to find to complete the Harry Potter series. When geocacher Csnail said she wanted to find the series, we went together. I thought with two sets of eyes, and an extra clue from the owner of the cache, we would find it easily. But we did not.

Earlier in search I saw something red so I went over to the area to check it out. I had so much hope it was a clue. It was a leaf. Later in the search, Csnail was draw to the exact same area by the exact same red leaf. But she looked beyond the leaf and found the cache. When I heard her say those happy sounding “I found it” words, I went over and she let me find it too. Despite the train’s bright (and glittery) colour, it blended in well with it’s green and brown surroundings.

On the way out of the woods, which Csnail said reminded her of the Upside Down Nancy enters in the show Stranger Things, we found the two Harry Potter ones I found last week. It is so much fun to be near someone when they find a geocache because of the surprised expressions they make when they discover it. And I got to hear it three times that day.

It was 17 degrees out on Saturday. We were worried the mosquitoes would be back but they were not. There were a lot of black fly type insects though, which were annoying when you are trying to open your mouth to talk. The sun made all the mosses on the forest floor crunchy (it felt like coral), and yellow leaves were falling all around us. On my way home, I saw my first jack o’lantern.