Lakeland’s Forbidden Forest


On the way to Lakeland’s Forbidden Forest this weekend, I saw everything through a sheet of rain. I went out looking for a lantern. The cache read:

On Harry’s first journey in to the Forbidden Forest, he needed this helpful lantern. You will not need your own lantern to find this cache.

I found it on a tree and signed the log book that was hidden inside. On my way out of the woods, I stopped to write a message for the Lakeland Connect readers in the sand that borders the forest, and to take pictures of animals and people I saw out in the rain. Geocachers who are following the Harry Potter series of caches will know where this area is and hopefully will have found the one cache nearby that has alluded me; the Hogwarts Express. Despite not finding the final cache in the series yet, I enjoyed geocaching while it was raining outside. The mosquitoes were gone, the leaves were falling, and I saw several birds hanging out in pretty deep puddles.

The Harry Potter series contains four caches. When I spoke to local geocacher NNVN this past week in Sobeys, I learned about a series in Saskatchewan called Wood Tick Trail. It consisted of 106 caches arranged in the shape of the giant insect. I looked up geoart and found quite a few examples around the world; my favourite being the alien head and UFO in Nevada. There are several long geocaching series in the Lakeland though (and a few amazing examples of geoart) that after listening to NNVN talk about finding all 106 from the tick, I was inspired to try some longer trails myself. I’d like to do one before the snow hits!