Owl Post


Owl Post took me to a forest that smelled of mushrooms. And no wonder; they were growing out of the sand, and they were organized on tree branches. And The forest floor was covered with white-green moss. It made the walk to the cache very cushy. I didn’t see his body right away; I saw his yellow eyes. This owl is part of a Harry Potter series of caches in the Lakeland area. This owl was on break from delivering the mail. I didn’t get to this cache easily though. I walked for a while and came to a fence. But my GPS said I had a ways to go. The fence looked like barbwire, but I got around it. Not the way one might think. Then, I took a different route walking out of the woods, and that is when I saw the remains of a fort. With mysterious holes. If only I could ask the original builders for a tour. This was one of my favourite forests because of the smells, the sights, and that someone else wanted me to see it too. I love being lured into such areas; it always amazes me what I experience; often for the first time.

My second geocache of the day took me in another direction. I went from the woods to the back alleys. I didn’t know such a maze of alleys ran through that particular section of the town I was in. I was warned I would hear dogs as I walked up it, and I did, but I also saw an  alley cowboy, a wooden octopus, a teeny house way up in the trees, and lots of fencing. I didn’t see a geocache. I did see a hook and rope hanging from where my GPS told me the cache would be, but nothing was held on the ends. I wasn’t too disappointed though because I had seen the owl.