Possible New Taxi Bylaw

There has been a rewrite on Taxi Bylaw 611-PL-17. Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administration Officer for the City of Cold Lake, stated the rewrite of of the bylaw, which would regulate taxi operations within Cold Lake, was straightforward.

“We tried to keep it very clear,” Nagoya stated. “It makes some enhancements to the existing bylaw”. After talking to taxi drivers in the area, Administration provided Cold Lake’s Corporate Priorities Committee with a summary of their feedback. Some of the proposed changes include a reduction in the annual taxi driver permit fee to $70.00. There would be an option for drivers to obtain a two-year taxi permit at a fee of $120.00. Subcontracted drivers working for a licensed taxi business would not require a separate business license, and the City would not introduce regulations for ride-share services such as Uber or TappCar.

Provincial regulations would govern those services. Council passed a motion to give Bylaw 611-PL-17 a first reading and directed Administration to schedule a non-statutory public hearing. This hearing would allow Council to get feedback from the public about the taxi service.