Greenhouse Gas Regulation Worries

At the Regular Cold Lake City Council meeting on September 12, 2017, Andrew Serba, Strategic Initiatives Manager at the City of Cold Lake stated that the City of Cold Lake received a request from operators in the Cold Lake oil sands to share their concerns with the Government of Alberta surrounding green house gas emissions.

Serba explained, “Industry says it will put oil sand operations in this region at an economic disadvantage because the geology in this region requires more energy intensive means to extract the oil more so than in other regions.” The coming regulations may introduce a method of paying compliance costs for GHG emissions which would compare the GHGs emitted by various oil sands operators.

Cold Lake Councillor Chris Vining stated, “One thing to stress is that Industry is willing to meet the targets; they don’t disagree, and they know they can get there, but the blanket approach they are looking at now will harm business in this area for sure.”

The City of Cold Lake passed a motion to send a letter to the Minster of Energy and the Minister of Environment expressing concerns in regards to the Climate Leadership Plan as it relates to the pending Greenhouse Gas Emissions regulations.