Perogy Pride in the Lakeland


The Village of Glendon, Alberta (population 493 as of 2017) served over 4000 homemade perogies at their annual perogy festival on September 2, 2017. Toppings included sour cream, bacon bits, and onions, and the perogies came with a serving of kielbasa. CAO of the Village of Glendon, Melody Kwiatkowski, was one of the volunteers who was involved with the event. Although she hasn’t seen the official recipe that is used every year, she explained what went into it. “Each batch is large. In total, we used four bags of flour to make the dough, which also included water, oil and salt. The filling was made with 200 pounds of potatoes, and four large bricks of cheese.” She added, “The perogies are made in the kitchen at the Glendon RCMP Hall by over twenty volunteers which includes Village of Glendon Councillors and staff. The profits from this year’s festival are going to minor hockey, so the parents will be helping to serve the perogies.”

Last year, over 500 people came to the festival. Attending the event this year was a family from St. Alberta, Alberta. Three members of their family participated in the perogy eating contest. Archer was the fastest to eat three perogies in the age 5-7 category. His sister Luciana was the fastest to eat four perogies in the age 8-11 category, and their mom Erin was the fastest to eat 8 perogies in the female adult category. Cold Lake resident Myron Cotton was the fastest in the male adult category. It took him 42 seconds to eat his 8 perogies. He was so fast, the judge asked the crowd, “Did that even register on the clock?” There were male and female winners in the teen category, and Mike Mrywiak, Ward 3 Councillor for the M.D. of Bonnyville, won in the senior group. All the winners were presented with a souvenir.

Inside the base of the World’s Largest Perogy, located in the newly designed Perogy Park, is a time capsule. The Mayor of the Village of Glendon, Laura Papirny, was there for the opening of the time capsule. Kwiatkowski explained, “Last year was the 25th anniversary of the time capsule, but we waited for Canada 150 to open it. The community was invited to put things in it.” Items that were taken out were passed onto the Historical Society for their archives. New items that the Mayor put in included four videos of the village, coin sets, a flag, and Village of Glendon pins.

Although former Mayor of the Village of Glendon, Johnnie Doonanco, wasn’t there this year (he was Mayor for close to forty years and part of the original Perogy Committe) his wife, Mary was able to attend.  As she posed in front of the famous perogy statue in her mom’s homemade shirt from Ukraine, she remembered driving to Abbostford, BC to get the perogy with Johnnie. “When me and Johnnie drive by the perogy now, we feel really, really proud. I remember whenever Johnnie would see someone pose in front of it, he would run out and give them a Village of Glendon pin. I will tell him it was a great turn out this year.”