Glendon R.T.


This weekend, I traveled down a road I never went down before to get to a geocache I wanted to find because it had R.T. in the title. I wanted to know what R.T. meant and I figured I would know once I found this cache. The hint for this geocache was “green bison tube”, but I knew I was not looking for a green bison tube because someone else who found it wrote this, “Quickie but not a bison tube.

For over five years, this geocache has been hiding on the outskirts of Glendon. Only 107 people know of its whereabouts, and this weekend I became one of them. It’s hidden in an area that was once a gas station. The gravel parking area is immense and there are metal poles sticking out here and there. And two cement platforms. The green bison tube I wasn’t looking for turned out to be much bigger than I was expecting. It was the correct cache though as the log book was inside. This one was relatively easy to find except you had to watch out for scrap wood on the ground, and the thorns that were growing in the tall grass that surrounded the area. And because it was the Perogy Festival in Glendon that day, there were a lot of people driving by who saw me wandering around an abandoned lot. It’s hard to look non-conspicuous in such a spot at the time of day I was there.

The summer mosquitoes were dying so I walked over to a bell I saw nearby. The sign said Beacon School and there was a book there with an inscription that gave a history of the area which began in 1907. It describes what happened when the school was sold for $600.00 and how the bell was lost.