Regional Waterline Update

On August 23, 2017, the public was invited to an open house at the Ardmore Community Hall to see the proposed route of the new federally and provincially funded regional waterline being built between Cold Lake and Bonnyville. This route would also allow the Fort Kent and Ardmore reservoirs to tie into the line so that they could have additional water flow for future growth. This is the first open house but there are four more scheduled for the future. Based on the feedback the engineers get from this open house, they will go back and look at the concerns and options and plan their next step. When the doors opened at 3:00 p.m., Chris Cambridge, Chief Administrative Officer for the Municipal District of Bonnyville, and Darcy Zelisko, Director of Transportation & Utilities for the Municipal District of Bonnyville said they were fairly busy. “There is lots of interest in this waterline because it touches a lot of people,” Cambridge said. Depending on the finalized route, this waterline will impact 60 to 70 residents who live along the Iron Horse Trail. Engineers were busy contacting land owners about getting right of way. Zelisko explained, “Some people want them there, and some people don’t want them there because they need a large right of way to get the pipeline in on certain sections of the trail. Some trees will have to go, and some people don’t want to see the trees go. Change always has some resistance.” In addition, some people were concerned about giving right of way because they see no benefit in it for themselves, and they don’t like that they won’t be able to use that section of land over the pipe.

On display at the hall were several photographs of schematics of the proposed waterline and a slide show of design drawings. The province wants the 72 million dollar project, which includes burying approximately fifty kilometers of two feet in diameter pipe twelve to fourteen feet underground, complete by the spring of 2019. If all the criteria are met, digging is slated to begin next spring.