Fall Fair Results

The Cold Lake Agricultural Society, which has been owned and operated by volunteers for 68 years, held their Fall Fair on August 24, 2017. Row upon row of tables held homemade pickles, baking, locally grown fruit, vegetables, and flowers, and a variety of visual arts and needlework. The majority of the entries came from adults, but there were categories available for those under 18 years of age. Juniors, age 11-16, had many of the same categories as the adults, plus fun ones like Christmas decorations, woodwork, and stain glass. Novices, age 10 and under, had a choice of approximately 60 categories, one of which was Lego Art. Sandra Hayter, Chair of the Fall Fair Committee, and several judges from Cold Lake and Ardmore, awarded over a hundred ribbons (and a bit of money) to participants from as far away as Edmonton. Cherry Grove resident Tara Marcellus, who had eighteen entries this year, won several first and second place ribbons for her needlework. Some of the patterns were her own, and a few were from patterns, but modified to fit her ideas. “I like getting my name out there, plus the Fall Fair is an enjoyable event where I can earn a few ribbons and some money. This was her third year competing. Megan Tilley, from Cold Lake, won first prize for a painting she did. “Being part of the Fall Fair is a great way to get involved in the community. When I lived in Fort McMurray, I entered their fair too.” All the entries were on display today during the Farmers’ Market at the Agriplex. Next year, Hayter is aiming to have the Fall Fair booklets and entry forms out (and online) by March. Hayter adds, “I remember years ago when teachers would bring in their students’ artwork to the fair. The whole back wall would be full of drawings.” She is not the only person I talked to who misses those days.