Stick This: Lock and Key Chandelier/Wind Chime

I have always loved and collected keys. When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me some old keys and that sparked my collection. I eventually made some of my keys into a small wind chime. When my friends saw the wind chime, they began offering me their miscellaneous keys, resulting in a large increase in my collection.

With the new influx of keys and a few special key chains that I had been given, I decided to disassemble my small wind chime and create something bigger: a chandelier. My only problem was: what would I use for a base?

I considered making wire circles and wiring them together or using a wire wreath form or using a metal hanging basket. I ended up finding a tiered candle holder that was exactly the size and shape that I wanted. You are welcome to use any of those for your project. Your base determines your size, so use whatever base you want for the space you want to put your finished wind chime or chandelier.


– base for attaching keys and/or key chains to

– keys and key rings and/or key chains

– chain(s) for hanging the finished project

– lock(s)

1. Make sure the base is clean. If you don’t like the color that it is, paint it.

2. Use key rings and key chains to attach the keys evenly to the base so that the finished project is balanced. I tried to be random with the key types and number of keys per ring, but you can do a pattern or whatever you prefer.

3. Continue adding keys and key chains until you have as many on the base as you like. I used all of mine and continue to add them whenever I get more.

4. Add chain(s) to hang the base. I attached three pieces of chain to the base with key rings then attached them together. I put a small lock through this ring and attached it to a fourth piece of chain with another key ring. I also added a swivel key chain to the top.

NOTE: I’m going to redo my hanging chains a bit shorter, as my chandelier doesn’t quite fit where I want to put it.

5. Hang your finished project in to perfect spot. DONE.