Philosopher’s Stone


You, like me, may have read about the philosophy stone. Having read all the books in the series, I couldn’t wait to find the geocache with the same name. Only four geocachers had found this cache before. I wanted to be the next. What would it look like? How would it feel? Would I recognize it? I had so many questions.

I knew it was hidden in concrete, but that was it. Concrete was my only clue. I decided to save finding the stone for last. I went out this weekend doing two others geocaches before it. The coordinates for the others took me to a hilltop with blueberries and to a hidden bale of hay, but no caches. When I don’t find a cache, energy seems to leave my body. But the thought of finding that famous stone gave me something positive to focus on.

The coordinates for the stone took me to a gravel road in the Lakeland area. It was a new to me, and felt like a quiet campground. Minus the people and trailers. I hesitated going where I wanted to go because of what I saw, so I went the long way around. And the mosquitoes followed me all the whole way. To escape them, I ran into that “forbidden” area and right into the hiding spot. The person who hid this must have had the fans in their mind because it’s magical to see; especially in it’s surroundings. This detail-oriented geocacher even made sure the inside part of the philosophy stone was brilliant and memorable.

I took two photographs of it for myself, (by itself and in my hand) but decided never to share them because I do not want to lessen anyone’s awe when they find this for themselves. That is the experience of the philosophy stone.