Pierceland Park

The day I went to Pierceland to geocache, I loaded four sets of coordinates into my GPS. I thought, with four, I am bound to find at least one cache. (The further away I venture from home, the more coordinates I enter into the GPS). The first three I couldn’t find; even the one that was recently hidden on a small bridge.

Although I did enjoy the sites of the areas I was lead to, I got frustrated with myself when I couldn’t find three in a row. I didn’t think I would find number four either because the hint said it was a two inch round bottle hidden in a spruce tree. And usually there is more than one tree and they are tall and bushy.

My final coordinates lead me into the Saskatchewan town to a big park. There was no one in the park that day, but there were a few people walking past the park, so I had to wait in my car before I went out and looked in the trees. It was not a quick find, and I had to strain on my tiptoes to reach up and get it, but when I had it in my hands it made me quickly forget about the ones I didn’t locate. After I admired the flatten, discoloured coin-like object it held, I made my way further into the park to read the Cenotaph that was dedicated in 1995. The plaque read: Being 50 years since World War II and the 90th anniversary of Saskatchewan, this Cenotaph is dedicated to all the listed war veterans who served their country. Before I left, I took a ride on the swings and sat under the shade structure.

Close to where I live, there is a bat hanging. Depending on the time of day I write this article, I see him.