Of Fire and Sand

Local Artist add to Cold Lake Museum.

Cold Lake artists, Jim Belliveau and Elysee Franchuk, were asked to paint two murals at the Cold Lake Museums.  The firefighter scene will be a permanent display on one wall. And the other mural is in a room by itself. It tells the story about the Royal Canadian Air Force’s commitment and involvement in the Afghanistan conflict and the impact it’s had on the way the military conducts it’s operations and on our way of thinking.

Each piece of work was created to look as if something was going on in the painting. Belliveau explains, “These aren’t static. They seem real and immediate. We get a sense we are looking into a scene that is on pause.” Franchuk, who took inspiration from the 2016 demo jets they painted on, chose fundamental yellow as a base coat for the firetruck.

On painting fire for the first time, he explained, “I wanted the fire to look hectic. I included 3-D indentation effects on the wall, and I captured a sense of survival by adding my hand print to the window.” Although Belliveau and Franchuk create work that is very different in style, they are able to meld their styles together. Belliveau says, “We add something to each others work. We have our individual fortes and what appeals to us is different, but we are able to work together without wanting to kill each other.”

Jennifer Ross, Cold Lake Air Force Museum curator says there are a few finishing touches that need to be added, such as vinyl lettering, and a mannequin and sand bags to encompass a diorama, but they hope to reveal the completed murals to the public by mid-August.