Lakeland Pride Festival

On July 15, 2017, the City of Cold Lake put up a new flag at City Hall, the LGBT Pride flag. It was announced at the Lakeland Pride Festival that was held at Lion’s Gate Park.

Corrie-Ann, one of the Lakeland Pride committee members, said this is the group’s fourth annual event. “The purpose of the festival is to celebrate love, diversity, and acceptance,” she said. Performing at the festival were the 4 Wing Band, Cassidy Zahar from Smoky Lake, and TYBUR, who plays techno/house music. There was a mini market set up and different community groups and organizations were there sharing resources and information.

Corrie-Ann added, “Everyone is welcome at our committee meetings. Even if people just want to volunteer and be allies. They can contact us through the Lakeland Pride Facebook page. We look forward to having more of a presence in the community.” Next year’s festival will be held at the beach.