Pickleball Problems


Municipal District of Bonnyville resident, Clint Cook, attended the July 11 Cold Lake City Council meeting to ask if Council would consider reviewing the drop-in fees at the Cold Lake Energy Centre so they could attract new players to Pickleball. The group has about eighty active participants in the area; sixty who can show up to play indoors at any one time.

Cook says, “Right now, the adult drop-in fee at the Cold Lake Energy Centre stands at $7.35. At the C2 Centre in Bonnyville, it’s $3.15. How can we be more competitive with the C2 Centre? We want more people out in Cold Lake.” He added, “It’s hard to convince someone to pay $7.35 for something they don’t know they will like.”

Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administration Officer for the City of Cold Lake, explained that during the budget deliberations, Council never touched user fees, but he stated it was something that could be looked into as a separate issue. Nagoya answered, “It’s Council’s prerogative to look at these fees.”

Councillor Chris Vining, added, “We will put this on our radar and have a discussion on it.” Councillor Bob Buckle advised that it would be worth looking at how much money the MD of Bonnyville contributes to the operating costs of the C2 Centre compared to what they contribute to the Energy Centre, and how this impacts the drop-in fees and user costs. “The MD of Bonnyville helps significantly with the C2 Centre operational costs”. Buckle had stated early that the MD of Bonnyville doesn’t contribute any money to the operating costs of the Energy Centre.

When Cook asked Council for an update on the status of the pickleball courts, Nagoya explained that although Council approved a budget of $200,000 for the pickleball courts, the proposed site by Imperial Park still needed appraisals because a decommissioned well was found in the area. But he stated the City plans to do an open house as early as possible to prioritize the wants of the group.