Cold Lake Runner Competing in Italy


Cold Lake resident, Matt Setlack attended the July 11 Cold lake City Council meeting to ask if the City could assist him with the cost of competing in the World Mountain Running Championships in Premana, Italy.

The race takes place at the end of the month on July 30, 2017. Setlack, who is the fastest runner (1o km and 21.1 km) in the Canadian Armed Forces, and the fourth fastest mountain runner in Canada, submitted a grant application to the City’s Recreation and Cultural Grant Program, but it was turned down because he wasn’t a member of a local nonprofit organization.

During his delegation presentation he explained the military wouldn’t give him paid time away to compete in a civilian competition. Setlack wasn’t asking for an exact dollar. “I would be happy with anything you provide,” he stated.

After the Council thanked him for all his hard work putting Cold Lake on the world map and his dedication to helping with a variety of community groups and initiatives, Kevin Nagoya, Chief Administration Officer for the City of Cold Lake, stated the issue will be discussed during the next City Council meeting. “We will work out what opportunities there are for the next agenda”.

If he does receive funding from the City, Setlack, who runs to and from work every day of the year (approximately 20 km a day), explained that as a thank-you he could create a booklet of the top ten local running routes in Cold Lake, and promote Cold Lake by wearing the city logo on his clothing for sponsorship.