Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

5th Annual Survivor Lakeland starts today!

“There’s something different every year,” board member of Survivor Lakeland, Caitlyn Thompson coyly laughs as she looks forward the the 5th round of the summer fundraiser to launch this afternoon. The event pits 21 castaways against each other in a realty TV style game. It lasts five days, with each castaway fighting for a chance to take home the $5,000 grand prize.

The challenge starts before the castaways even depart on the adventure, each of the 21 hopefuls must raise a minimum of $1,000, meaning the chosen charity will receive a minimum of $21,000 from the event. The charity of choice this year is KidSport Bonnyville, “the benefactor is decided before even going into the competition,” Caitlyn explains that’s one of the first elements to the game. In the winter, the board called for applications from non-profits and they use a selection process to choose KidSport Bonnyville. “The committee realizes how much KidSport is needing help from the community, so we were happy to help them out.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to have a chance to win $5,000? It’s also a chance to go camping, meet some new people, make connections and do something good for your community.” Caitlyn says some people might see the castaways as crazies for signing up for the challenge, whereas she and the other board members see them as the integral piece of securing the donations for KidSports. Although castaways have a minimum donation amount they must bring with them to enter, many collect above and beyond the amount. To secure there’s even more coming in, the board puts up a prize for the castaway with the most donations collected, before the start of the game.

New this year is the third tribe, Team Lakeland Connect (#TeamConnect), lead by Hudsband Chad. Husband Chad will not receive any special treatment and can be voted out at any time, like any other castaway. He will be able to have his phone for short periods of time to keep the audience at home updated on his progress at the camp. You can donate to Husband Chad before 4:00 pm today at survivorlakeland.com/donate, be sure to click on Husband Chad!

Also new, an online store, where people at home can really have some fun with the castaways. Caitlyn explains, “anyone in the public can follow and take their turn in being a part of the game, by buying things for the castaways. Whether it’s a peek or a peril, go to survivorlakeland.com.” There will be food items, some luxury items that the castaways aren’t allowed to bring with them and “funishments”, as Caitlyn coined it, “nothing too dirty. It won’t interfere with people’s games… it’s going to be a funishment!” There is also an online auction on Facebook. All money from the online store & auction will go to KidSport Bonnyville.

The event gets underway today at 4:00 pm, as the castaways load up and are shipped off to Little Leap Park, next to the Bonnyville splash park. The castaways were given a list of approved items and will have their bags searched for any contraband before entering the compound. The public is welcome to come down at anytime and watch the event. There will be challenges throughout each day, with guaranteed challenges at 12:00 and 6:00pm each day.

With the addition of the third tribe, this year’s game will be played out between Team Lakeland Connect, Team Kool and Team Country 99; each tribe having seven castaways.  As the castaways are voted off, eventually the tribes will come together to form one tribe, until there is one castaway left.

Follow Lakeland Connect on our social media pages to watch live coverage of the event. We’ll have updates each morning on Connect @10 with Jena & Husband Chad, 10:00 am, thanks to Northern Truck & Industrial Supply NAPA Traction. LCN will also have coverage each day at 12:00 and 6:00 pm. For even more coverage, like Survivor Lakeland on Facebook.