DIY Reinforce and Redecorate a Storage Box Using Duct Tape

My niece was recently given a ukulele. It came in a fairly nice box, which she will be using as a case for carrying and storing her new instrument, but in her excitement to open it, she tore the box a bit. Naturally, I stepped in with a quick and easy way to make any storage box stronger and prettier: duct tape.

You can use this technique on any box. Duct tape is so versatile and comes in so many colors and patterns that you can easily upgrade a boring or flimsy box to fit your decor and needs. Who says that a storage box has to be boring?

Have a race car track in a box? Use black and yellow tape to look like a road around the sides. Have a punch bowl set in a box? Use colored tape to match your kitchen, dining room, or favorite beverage. Saving keepsakes or schoolwork in boxes in your kids’ rooms? Use duct tape to make the boxes part of the decor. Have a ukulele in a box? Use your niece’s favorite color duct tape to make it extra special for her.


– box to be covered

– duct tape (I also used brown kraft paper tape but you can just use duct tape)

– white glue

– scissors

1. Start by repairing any damaged areas with tape. I like to tape both the inside and outside of any tears or cuts.

2. Reinforce the corners with white glue (allow to dry thoroughly) and tape. If the box is two pieces (like this one), make sure that they still fit together properly.

3. Wrap a strip of duct tape all the way around the box (I did just the lid for this one), lining the edge of the tape up with the edge of the box.

4. Wrap additional strips of duct tape all the way around the box, using the first strip as a guideline. I try to slightly overlap the strips so that no cardboard shows through. Use as many strips in whatever pattern you like to cover the box.

5. DONE! (I have found that some brands of decorative duct tape don’t stay stuck, unfortunately. If you notice your tape lifting off at the end, just tape across it with some clear scotch tape or packing tape.) Enjoy storing your special items in their beautiful and sturdier boxes.