Canada 150 in Cold Lake


On the evening of Canada Day, I attended a fun geocaching event that was organized by NNVN, two members of the Lakeland Geocache Society. The meeting place was 2.9 km away from where I lived, and I knew how to get there thanks to the GPS coordinates and the hint that NNVN posted on the official geocaching site. My friend, Csnail, was excited about going too. It was to be her first event.

The event was scheduled to be thirty minutes in length, but everyone stayed for longer to talk and share stories. There were approximately twenty people there, but not everyone was from Cold Lake. One person was from Winnipeg and another from Red Deer. After signing the log book (one person signed it with his own customized stamp), we were given a piece of a playing card. I received the eight of hearts. Alas, I didn’t win the Canada 150 geocoin with it, but someone there did. What an incredible prize! But most of us didn’t leave empty handed. There were other geocoins and geocaching items that were handed out during the evening.

Sitting on the table in front of one geocacher was an assortment of travel bugs. We could each take one or several if we wanted. Travel bugs all have a purpose and stories to tell. The rabbit in a bag was destined for the South (He had already been to Alaska). The goat needed to go to rural caches, and the pirate travel bug came with a warning; ‘Keep this moving or beware!’ The goat and pirate are now in my possession; just until next week though. Then I will move them to where they were meant to go. Before the event ended, a geocacher gave me and Csnail cool pathtags; one of which glowed in the dark. These are personalized coins that can be traded, or used for geocaching as a signature piece. The ones I have seen are smaller than geocoins, but just as imaginative in design.


As an added bonus, when I logged this visit on, I was given a once in a lifetime Canada 150 souvenir, which featured Signal the Frog. He is proudly displayed on my geocaching profile now. Thank-you to NNVN for organizing the event, and for everyone who came out to the event. It wouldn’t have been as much fun without every single person there.