STICK THIS: Friendship Bracelet (Last Minute Teacher Gift)

It’s the last week of school here and if you or your kids wanted to make something for their teachers, here’s a quick and easy project that you can whip up “last minute”. These bracelets are fun to make and your effort is sure to be appreciated. 

I quizzed one of my cousins who’s a teacher about the best teacher gifts and her reply was simple: something personalized. I chose to use the school colors for the weaving and made it extra personal with letter beads spelling the teacher’s last name. You can use whatever colors you prefer, and you could do initials, first name, or the year instead. You can also skip the beads if you’re short on time.

Already finished school? Already got/made the perfect teacher gift? These bracelets are fun to make all summer to kill time by the campfire, beside the pool, or when the kids are bored. You’ll be all ready to hand these out to friends and teachers at the start of the next school year.


– 7 strands of embroidery floss (or similar string) that are 2′ long

– a circle of cardboard approximately 3″ in diameter

– scissors

– beads

1. Visit this great tutorial for how to start and weave your bracelet: It’s where I learned how to do it and I couldn’t explain it better.

2. When you’re about 3″ from the ends of your threads, pull the bracelet off the cardboard circle.

3. Slide the beads onto the bracelet and tie a knot at the end of the weave. Trim the extra thread tails off so they match the end you started with.

4. Tie one end of the bracelet into a knot around the other end.

Pull the knot tight.

5. Repeat for the other end.

These knots will slide on the weave, allowing the bracelet size to be adjustable. DONE.