Love on the Rocks

 There is an amazing spot about sixty-three kilometers from Cold Lake, AB called Love on the Rocks. I wanted to find it because of what happened there which involved two people finding this spot back in May 2016 on their first date.

I had the road to myself while driving there; I hardly saw any vehicles. But I did see a deer. When I got there, I found a safe place to park, and proceeded to walk down a tunnel made of trees and dragonflies. It was quiet for the first few hundred feet. But as the gravel turned to mud, I could hear that water was near. Even though the river got louder the closer I got to it, I was surprised when I saw it because, once again, I couldn’t believe something so spectacular could be hiding so inconspicuously in the woods.

If the river wasn’t flowing, I wouldn’t have know it was there. The rule for this cache was, “Please only trade heart shaped items or items that represent love to you!!!!” Before I went searching for the cache, I walked along the rocks and learned that dragonflies like to be picked up. And carried for long distances. And they exist in green. I had only seen blue and red before.

I spent a good thirty minutes up on the banks looking for the large, clear cache container. I couldn’t wait to see what people had left and add what I had in my pocket. My GPS lead me to a large, flat rock, but no large, clear container. I’ve never spent so long (and got so sweaty) looking for a cache to no avail. I even went at it from three different directions. So, what I did was leave my name there anyway, and my token, but not inside the official cache. I left it all on top.