DIY Cardboard Spear and No-Sew Guard Costume

We were recently invited to a Mad Hatter themed tea party and I thought it would be fun if my son dressed up as a playing card guard to go with the theme. It was a quick and easy costume to create and the techniques can easily be adapted to suit other knight and guard costumes.



– large shirt

– duct tape

– scissors

– exacto knife and cutting surface

– pencil

1. Cut the sleeves off the shirt (unless you don’t want to damage the shirt, then just skip to step 2).

2. Stick duct tape onto the cutting surface. Overlap strips to create larger pieces, if necessary. Draw a design on the duct tape. Cut out your design. Carefully peel the pieces off the cutting surface and stick them onto the shirt. DONE. (The duct tape should be easy to remove once you’re done using the costume.)



– cardboard tube

– cardboard pieces

– duct tape

– scissors, exacto knife

– pencil

1. Decide on the design you want for the spear tip. I went with a simple diamond shape. Draw it onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Add a section approximately 3″ long and as wide as the interior diameter of the cardboard tube (this is called the “tang”). Cut out this pattern piece and trace it onto more pieces of cardboard, then cut them out. I did six pieces. The tang might need to be narrower on your outside pieces of your pile in order to fit inside the tube.

2. Pile up the pieces and check to make sure that they fit into the tube. Make any necessary adjustments.

Glue the pieces together in a pile. Allow to dry.

3. Cover the tip and part way down the tang in duct tape. Slide into the tube to ensure that it still fits. Adjust if necessary.

4. Cover the cardboard tube in duct tape. Glue the tang inside one end of the tube.

DONE! Didn’t I say “quick and easy”?