Big Meadow


Driving to my 100th geocaching find, I saw this scarecrow fisherman. He seemed to be acknowledging everyone who passed him. Geocachers are not rewarded for reaching this number, but seeing this guy felt like my reward. “Good luck,” I imagined him calling out to me as I drove by his pond. I was on my way to Big Meadow, Alberta, which is within the M.D. of Bonnyville boundaries. The cache I was looking for there was hidden in April of 2015 and I would be the 17th person to find it. I was unfamiliar with the area, but I loved the back roads my GPS took me down. There were acreages, farms, and lots of resting cows. I had to stop for farm vehicles and when I came to a single lane bridge, a very polite truck driver let me go down it first. I liked the bridge because it had graffiti on it and a view of water below.


I found the Big Meadow cache fairly quickly, even though it was camouflaged and covered in tree sap and caterpillar cocoons. But I opened the lid, looked at the trinkets inside, and signed the log book.


I didn’t sit on the wooden bench, although I wanted to, because there were way too many mosquitoes out. But I did walk around the graveyard to see who was there.

When I walked over to the old church to have a closer look, I saw lots of tent caterpillars. They had all sides of that building covered.


When I looked into the church birdhouse, a bird flew out. I don’t know who was more startled. Me or the bird. She circled around me as I peeked in the church windows and took pictures of the outhouse. On my way home, I saw abandoned buildings and playgrounds (with a ball diamond), a deer, and a family of geese crossing the road. The babies were in the middle.

Thank-you to Gillie434 for hiding this cache, and many others in the Lakeland area. They have all taken me on fun, local adventures.