Live Auction Makes Kids Feel Proud

Janice Dunn is the Chair of the Fine Arts Committee at North Star Elementary School in Cold Lake. She is also a Grade 3 teacher there. To encourage the visual arts, she turned the school’s gymnasium into an art gallery for the school’s 3rd Annual Art Auction which took place during the evening of Wednesday, May 31. The goal was for every student to have two pieces in the show and every class would enter a collaborative project.

A grade 2 class made a social studies quilt which connected them with their heritage. There were examples of sculpture, collage, 3-D art, water colours, and chalk pastels. Several pieces were inspired by books and Alberta artists such as Jason Carter. The out-of- school-care classes submitted wooden chair art. Dunn explains, “The purpose of the evening is not to make money. We want to bring people into the school and make art exciting. We are happy to break even.”

Every year has been well attended by parents, businesses, and students. “This year we sold more pieces than previous years, ” said Dunn. The live auction brought in close $2500.00 for the collaborative projects, and roughly $750.00 for the smaller, individual pieces. Cold Lake’s CIBC was won of the winning bidders during the evening.

The proceeds of the evening go toward purchasing quality art supplies for the students. “When you have the right materials, kids can produce amazing pieces of work,” explained Dunn. “We see the success. The kids feel proud. They tell me, “I’m so excited for the art show!”