Looking for the 2 Million Year Old School


While looking for a 2,000,000 year old school in the Lakeland, I found this chicken-wired wooden structure. I couldn’t believe when I looked inside and saw a ball pit.

I was not tempted to jump in, but I did crouch down and reach my hand in like I was testing the temperature of a pool before I dove in for a swim. They were real! Further down the road, I found an old church.


I liked the placement of the broom. Behind the church were a pair of outhouses and a graveyard with a tiny bench. Outside the perimeter of this location there was a chocolate coloured donkey shaped geocache; it was very well hidden. And pretty cute.


I did not find this one quickly, and I have the mosquito bites to prove it. Even when I took the cache to my car to sign, the buggers found their way into my car. They were that fast.

I drove by some memorable scenery while out on Sunday; my favourite being this huge acreage which contained hundreds of real trees and a few metal cacti. I didn’t trespass so they look far away in the picture but the cactus are there. I would have liked to touch those too.

Back to the 2,000,000 year old school. I was excited to look for it because it had started to rain hard. I found the dirt road it was on and parked “very carefully” as the geocache owner and hider had stated on geocaching.com. As I tried to maneuver my way closer to the cache so I was zero meters away from it, I realized all the mosquitoes were hiding out in the woods too. I ducked in and out a few times, but each time I went back in they found me. And whenever I looked up, or was about to put my hand down, I saw tent caterpillars on the trunks of the trees I was trying to get around. So I left. The 2,000,000 school remains a mystery.