Geocachers, Do You Know this Guy?

I was not looking forward to geocaching today because I have seen the mosquitoes that are swarming around out there. But I sucked it up, put on pants and a jacket and headed out to a cache that started with a story about a man who was left behind to guard an area in one of the the wooded areas of Cold Lake.

The coordinates lead you to a gravel road. At the end of a short walk, I came to a body of stagnant water. You know what that means. Knowing I had to get in and out fast if I didn’t want to get bit over and over, I jumped over the water and landed in mud. I ducked down under all the trees branches that seemed to be aimed at my face until I came to some kind of clearing to look around for him. I found a dead bird at the coordinates. I stood there thinking could this be it? Is it rubber? I won’t tell you what I did to find out it wasn’t the cache, but when I resumed my search, I found him! He was still at his post. What a dedicated guy. And he didn’t give up the cache container easily either.

After I secured the container I ran back to my car so I could sign the log in a mosquito-free zone. Wondering what this guy was guarding with his life, I wondered around with my imagination in overdrive and found some clues. I saw a white fabric-y mass  and the remains of some kind of fortress. I saw two huge hills and a water-filled tunnel. The story I pieced together as I walked back to my car was spun into a tale of intrigue involving a secret location that was invaded. It ended badly for both the parachuter and the loyal guard in the tree. I think what the spy was after was inside those hills or at the bottom of the water.