DIY PJ Masks Headquarters

Having a specific space to put a toy once they’re done playing with it helps encourage kids to clean up after themselves. This is especially true when the storage solution can be part of their play, which is what I had in mind when I designed this “PJ Masks” headquarters.

On the TV show, the heroes’ logos open up to allow their vehicles to exit, but I decided that trying to attach “doors” would be cumbersome and difficult. I designed this project for these specific toys, so you may have to make adjustments if your kids have a different size or style of toys.

– three cylinder-shaped cardboard cans/containers with lids

– black foam core board

– black duct tape

– red, green and blue paper

– red, green, and blue acrylic paint

– white glue, glue gun, glue sticks

– pencil, ruler, marker

– scissors, exacto knife

1. Thoroughly wash and dry the three cans and lids.

2. Draw the openings onto the cans (or sketch on paper first, cut out, and trace onto the cans). Carefully cut out the shapes. Check to make sure that the toys fit through the openings and make any necessary adjustments.

3. Paint inside the cans and around the edge of where you cut out the opening. Allow to dry.

(Since the paint that I used easily scratched off my containers, I also lined the insides with paper wherever the toy might touch that was easily visible. You can skip this if you want.)

Trace the bottom of a can onto each color of paper twice and cut out the circles slightly smaller (six total, two of each color).

Measure the inside height and cut a strip of each color paper that width.

4. Line the inside of the can bottom, side and lid with the paper. Trim the paper to the correct size and glue in place.

5. Glue the lids on the cans and glue the three cans together. I used my glue gun.

Cover the top and sides of the can tower with black duct tape.

6. Cut an 8″ diameter circle of black foam core board. Cut it in half, then in half again.

Glue two quarter-circles on top of the other two, forming two double-thick quarter-circles.

7. Cut two blue, two red, and two green 2″ by 1.5″ paper rectangles with the corners rounded on one short end. 

8. Cut four small triangles out of black foam core board. Glue together in pairs. Glue/tape to both sides of the top can along the outside edge.

9. Glue the rounded rectangles onto the foam core quarter-circles. Glue gun the quarter-circles to the sides of the middle can.

DONE. “PJ Masks all shout ‘hooray’, ’cause in the night we saved the day!”