Comet in the Woods

Today’s geocache was inside an upside down car in the woods. There are two ways to get to this cache. One involves rock jumping over water. The other doesn’t. We wanted to get wet, so we chose the water way. We parked the car. Then walked through deep woods, slid down muddy embankments, and stopped to pick up a bug covered skull (with teeth). We walked over mountains of yellow grasses on the shores trying to find a way to cross in our sneakers but there was so much water the rocks were covered. Completely drowned.

So we drove around the area and headed in through another section of woods. Going in this way was tougher because we were making our own path through the wet woods. But we saw interesting signs about compost and locked metal posts. When we were about 50 metres away from the site, we saw the shiny colour of the car peeking through the trees.

When you see where this car is, you wonder, “What would this car say if it could talk?” Then you get a bit dirtier trying to find where on the car the cache is located. I found it and signed the log. No one had signed it since 2016. I look through the trinkets because I brought items to swap. I put in a blue “jewel” and took a snowman eraser which also functioned as a pencil sharpener. Trying to backtrack to the car was challenging because there was still no path. Luckily, we discovered a sandy trail and decided to follow that out.

The walk back to the car was like walking on a sandy beach, minus the water to swim in. I am glad I found this one in the pouring rain. It kept the mosquitoes and ants away. During our Lakeland adventure out in the rain, I saw a tree stump bench I wish I had, and huge trees for climbing.