DIY Hockey Season Scarf or Afghan

While browsing on Pinterest last fall, I came across the idea to crochet or knit a scarf or afghan that shows a record of events. People do a variety of different things, but the basic idea is to add a row each day or so that records that day’s event. Here are some examples:


Each day, add a row corresponding to the weather for that day.

– white = snowing

– yellow = sunny

– blue = raining

– light grey = cloudy

– dark grey or black = thunderstorm


Each day, add a row corresponding to the temperature for that day.

– red = very hot

– orange = hot

– yellow = warm

– green = cool

– blue = cold

– purple = frigid

The idea is to keep adding to the scarf or afghan for a year to create a piece that tells the story of that year. These would make great keepsakes or gifts to track the first year of a baby’s life or a couple’s marriage. They are also just a fun way to motivate yourself to do something creative every day.

Inspired by this concept, I adapted it to fit one of my biggest interests: hockey. By using my favorite team’s colors, I made myself a scarf that shows a record of the wins and losses for the season. With an 82 game regular season, I chose to do double crochet for my rows (15 stitches wide) to make sure that the scarf was long enough to be useful. If you’re doing a scarf or afghan for a team with a shorter schedule, you may want to do two rows per game to make sure it’s long enough by the end of the season.


Each game, add a row corresponding to the game result.

– win = team’s primary color

– loss = white

– overtime or shootout loss = team’s secondary color (optional)

You can make these to commemorate your child or grandchild’s hockey season, or adapt it for other sports that they play or you enjoy watching. The key is to make yourself a guide of what each color represents. It’s also handy to have a reference for the game results in case you aren’t able to work on the scarf or afghan for a while so that you don’t miss any rows or forget the results.

For the post-season, I added metallic silver craft thread to the rows. Alternately, you could do a row of grey/silver or another color to show the division between the regular season and the post-season.

What other events or stories could be told in yarn? I’d love to hear your thoughts!