Old Yeller


Old Yeller is the biggest cache I have ever seen. (I parked my car close for a visual). It’s hidden in Hinton, AB. Having driven through Hinton a few times now, I was surprised I hadn’t seen it before because it’s close to the main highway, it’s bright yellow, and it’s gigantic. When I got out to search, my GPS jumped around like crazy.

The clue had something to do with the tires but my GPS coordinates aimed me toward nearby bushes and trees. Nothing there. I touched ever bolt and metal thing around the tires. Nothing moved or came off. I went under the truck and stuck my hands in oily places. No luck. I tried to open parts that looked like they could be opened but nothing would budge enough to look inside.

When it started to snow, I took a little break and walked over to a hole in the ground that was hundreds of times bigger than Old Yeller. It’s quite the dip in the land. According to the sign by the hole, the land was the site of mine reclamation. The hole was turning into a forest. It was exciting to stand on the edge of such a large hole because there was no barrier around it.

So clear, yet slightly treacherous views if the wind was blowing too hard or the ground was too slippery. Non-geocaching people were starting to arrive to walk past the hole so I went back to the truck and started looking harder. I picked up a yellow cylinder thing that obviously had fallen off the truck, but I don’t know where from. It may have been holding the log book but it was empty. I also found a wallet size hole cut in the inside part of the tire. But I didn’t see anything inside and the cover was missing.

Was that where the log was originally? For this geocache, I emailed the owner to see if those were what I was supposed to be looking for. I haven’t heard back yet. So this may be a geocache I have to search again.

On my way home, I saw a vehicle that had been in an accident. I drove by it on Saturday and again on Monday.