Free Comic Book Day

Celebrating comics throughout the Lakeland.

Since 2002, the North American comic book industry has been giving out free comics on the first Saturday in May, Free Comic Book Day. Their aim; to celebrate comics and to get new readers. This year, the Cold Lake event was held at Beantrees Café.

The Cold Lake Public librarians brought in over 50 titles in a variety of genres. Popular titles included Underdog, Star Trek, Dragonball Z, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wonder Women, and Captain Canuck. There was a steampunk comic, comics for adults, and comics which included snippets of several stories such as Mouse Guard and Moonintroll.

Four members from the Cold Lake Manga Club were also there doing free drawings for people. “I was asked to draw a My Little Pony,” said Cold Lake artist Teri Mckeown. As people browsed the selection, they shared stories of their own collections, and reminisced about some of their favourite comics.

Craig Konechny, the owner of Beantrees, has a comic collection he’s been moving around since he was a child. The comic that garnered the most discussion for the two hours the librarians were at Beantrees was Riverdale; the one-shot issues meant to be a prelude to the TV series by the same name. Some people took Riverdale home, and others left it behind. “That is not the Archie I remember,” one Archie comic book fan said.

Another Lakeland library that held Free Comic Book Day was the Elk Point Municipal Library.