Cold Lake Quilt Show

Quilt show stitches together creativity and showmanship.

The Cold Lake Last Stitch Quilt Guild was raising money for the local food bank this weekend at their biennial charitable quilt show. There were approximately 100 quilts on display for the public to view and vote on. Categories included The Paint Chip Challenge, the Half Square Triangle Challenge, the Two Colour Quilt, and Viewer’s Choice.

On Saturday, May 6, there were 150 people through to see the homemade quilts including Cold Lake Mayor, Craig Copeland, and visitors from towns such as Daysland, St. Paul, and Edmonton.

Barb Hollis, a member of the guild who has been quilting since she was seventeen years old, likes quilting because it keeps her busy. “You think a lot about a person when you are making a quilt for them. Every stitch and finger prick, you think about them. If you have been given a quilt, it’s a big deal”.

Charlene McKay, who joined the guild fifteen years ago, enjoys quilting for the social aspects. “I like the camaraderie with the quilters, and I love giving something homemade to someone.” Allison Erickson, who had several quilts in the show, enjoys the challenge and the escape of quilting “When I quilt, I relax and forgot about everything else”. Among those in attendance, the quilts sparked conversation.

One quilter left with new ideas for patterns, and an Energy Centre staff member found them so inspiring she talked about starting a quilt one day.