DIY Stanley Cup Replica

‘Tis the season… for fan-made Stanley Cups to make their appearances at parties, parades, and arenas. Here’s how I made mine, which is about half the size of the real cup and MUCH lighter.


– plastic containers

– small bowl

– center piece from a roll of tape

– aluminum foil

– aluminum foil tape

– hot glue gun and glue sticks

– ruler

– marker

– cardboard scraps

– newspaper

1. I printed off a simple picture of the Stanley Cup for reference, then stacked up two plastic containers (with lids on), a center piece from a roll of tape, and a little bowl.

2. Once I was happy with the configuration, I drew 4 evenly spaced lines around each of the plastic containers and put a line of hot glue on these lines to create ridges. I also did a line of hot glue around the bottom edge of both containers.

3. After stuffing the containers with balled up newspaper and chunks of cardboard to make them solid, I used more hot glue to seal the lid on and fill in the gap between the container and lid.

4. I covered the individual parts with aluminum foil and foil tape, doing my best to keep it smooth on the two plastic containers but letting it be rough on the bowl to mimic the embossing on the real Cup. The last step was to use hot glue to stick the parts together. I used two circles of cardboard covered in aluminum foil – one between the tape roll and the purple container and another on the very bottom. DONE!

The top of the cup can be used as a bowl for serving silver-wrapped candies at a party or holding a beloved souvenir from your favorite team as a good luck charm for the playoffs. What other uses can you think of? I’d love to hear your ideas and see photos of your creations.