Mountain Geocaching

“Secret Sidewalk”. I had to find it just because of the title. This geocache was hidden by a five year old and her parent. There is speculation on what this secret sidewalk was used for in the past and I see why. When you find it, be prepared to wonder and then duck. I found it after climbing over slippery rocks beside a loud running river.

I was thinking the whole time, how did a five year old get over these rocks? As I got to the other side and over the hill I see a clear path to the secret sidewalk that contained no obstacles or rocks. Of course. I laughed at myself, cursed at my GPS, then went down another hill and looked for something to tip over because that was the hint. I found it, and a lot of ants. Before I went back to my vehicle, I gathered rocks for my collection back home and did some building on the shore.

Geocache two took me up and down the steepest hill I have ever went down in my life so far. It was thrilling because I couldn’t see what was coming; more land? Air? I couldn’t tell. I was trusting the geocache hider. At the bottom of the hill was a huge sand pile, crashed cars, and a geocache the size of a large screw. I am thankful for the previous geocacher (from 2016) who left a make-shift pair of tweezers nearby so I could extract the reading log from the tiny hiding spot.

These geocaches were hidden about 500 km away from Cold Lake. I ventured far this week. As I was geocaching, I saw clear views of snow-topped mountains, eight hawks, a pair of bald eagles, a coyote, and a dozen deer. At the end of the day, I went back to my vehicle with wet shoes, dirty hands, cool rocks…. and ants? I’ll close my window next time I park.