Marina Concerns for Large Deep Draught Boats

Lowering boats with crane proven to be expensive & difficult.

Due to low water levels, silt build-up, and sinking concrete pads, large deep draught boats are having a difficult time launching into Cold Lake. Last year, they had to be put on the lake using a 90 ton crane.

Launching a boat this way is risky and it takes time, coordination, and a lot of money. Last year it cost $1800.00 ($300.00 to $400.00 per person per launch plus marina fees) for the large deep draught boats to be launched.

During the April 25, 2017 Cold Lake City Council Meeting, Jim Belliveau, Commodore of the Cold Lake Sailing Association, proposed possible solutions to this problem which included two crane sessions per year that would be subsidized (by 75%) by the Cold Lake marina operation budget and building a more permanent launch area that required less maintenance. Belliveau, who is deeply committed to preserving the quality of the boating experience for all boaters using the lake, also expressed concerns about the large amount of weeds at the marina, the low water levels of the channel on the West side of pier leg 2, and the lack of restricted, safe showering/bathroom facilities for the boating community.

Although Council stated there was no final solution yet for all of the concerns, Belliveau was told the city did put dredging in the budget and that Associated Engineering had put applications in on behalf of the city to have dredging done at the marina and to possibly fix the anchor points. They stated there would have to be environmental reviews done, and that the dredging couldn’t be done when the marina was active.

Although the city is looking at a few options, one being closing the existing boat launch and opening a new one, there are no final solutions yet. Mayor Craig Copeland said they would have a look at restoring Fob access to the bathroom/showering facilities.