Battle of the Books Results

Three Cold Lake schools were vying for first place at the 2017 Battle of the Books which took place on Friday, April 28. The event, which was a partnership between The Northern Lights Public School Division and the Cold Lake Public Library began months ago when the students got together, with the help of their coaches, and read sixty books.

On the day of the battle, they were asked ten questions. Teams had thirty seconds to answer with the correct title and author, but there were chances to steal points from the opposing team. There was no help from the audience, but some teams had substitute players who had a turn at the table too.

Several well-known authors, including Robert Munsch, Neil Gaiman, Kevin Sylvester, and Polly Horvath sent the readers personalized messages and videos wishing them luck. The authors’ correspondences were shown during the intermission.

Junior and Senior teams took home medals for their schools. Nelson Heights won first place in the junior and the senior team categories. Cold Lake Middle School placed second in the junior team. Cold Lake Elementary School came in third in the junior category.