Alberta Talent

Nationally acclaimed authors visit the Cold Lake Library.

Albertan author Jacqueline Guest, who was named to the Order of Canada in 2016, brought with her a piece of Canadian history when she talked with an audience of readers and writers at the Cold Lake Public Library Thursday evening. It was a piece of the transatlantic telegraph cable from 1865 that she won in an auction.

She passed the cable around as she talked about her book, Ghost Messages which is set during that time period.  When she read from her book, The Comic Book War, she showed the audience a real meteorite and talked about Canadian comic book history. “I want kids to feel good about the books they read. I want my stories to entertain and teach,” said Guest who has been writing children’s books for over twenty years. As she talked about her current passion, Canadian history, she gave examples of little know historical events in Canada such as the hobo codes. “I want to put life back in the history books for kids,” explained Guest.

Accompanying Guest was David Poulsen; author of the The Cowboy Kid and Serpents Rising (A Cullen and Cobb Mystery). He had the crowd laughing, and then almost crying, as he talked about where he had his first book signing (the produce aisle in a Superstore) and how his father inspired him to write his first mystery book. “I always wanted to be like my dad. And my dad read murder-mysteries. He’d come home from work and lie on the couch with his Perry Mason book. But my dad took up the whole couch. So my dad would lie on the couch reading his Perry Mason book and I would lay on top of my dad reading my Perry Mason (which was the Hardy Boys)”, said Poulsen.

After the audience asked questions about publishing, rejection letters, short stories, writing contests, and how much time they spend writing every day (Poulsen writes 1000 words each day), the authors signed books and said their goodbyes which included handshakes and lots of smiles.