Health Tips presented by Tellier Guardian Pharmacy: April 26th, 2017

Immunization Awareness Week 

National Immunization Awareness Week (NIAW) is an annual event held in the last week of April to highlight and recognize the importance of immunization.

Immunization is one of the most important and cost-effective public health innovations. In Canada, immunization has saved more lives than any other health intervention, and has contributed to the reduction in morbidity and mortality in adults, children and other vulnerable populations. Without immunizations, we can expect to see serious outbreaks of many diseases that we are now protected against.

Immunization doesn’t just protect the people who get immunized – it protects those around them too. When a majority of the people in a community are immunized against a disease, it greatly reduces the chances of that disease spreading in the community, protecting people such as infants who are too young to be immunized and those who are not able to get immunized due to medical reasons.  Help celebrate National Immunization Awareness Week with us from April 22 to 29, 2017.  Check out the link below and visit the friendly neighbourhood pharmacists at Tellier Pharmacy.  The pharmacists can look up your immunizations schedule and answer any questions you may have.    http://immunizealberta.ca/
There’s still time to register for the Holy Crap I’m Busy Workshop in Bonnyville this Thursday April 27th

Workshop: $30.00 / Workshop plus buffet lunch: $45.00 – 9:30am to 12:00pm

Linda Edgecombe is one of the top 60 Motivational Speakers in the world. She prides herself in delivering powerful messages, creating lasting shifts, while increasing accountability and momentum—all wrapped in a package of humour and laughter.  Get energized, loosen up, lighten the load, and laugh. Linda Edgecombe will lead you through a hands-on and highly humorous ride that will help you to re-focus, re-energize and re-invent how you see your life and your work. Get moving toward a more balanced, energized work and home life today!  Edgecombe, is going to help you get fired up and ready to change from overwhelmed to resilient.

‘Holy Crap I’m Busy – Building Energy and Resilience in Crazy Times’ will focus on:

  • CHANGE: What’s really getting in the way of you and your team moving forward?
  • CLUTTER: How we sabotage our success with terminal piles! Literally, mentally, emotionally.
  • FATIGUE: Tools to re-energize and re-engage yourself and your teams.
  • CLARITY: Get down to what you really want, and become more accountable.
  • LEADING: Lead with values or don’t lead at all.
  • GIVE BACK Intentionally: It’s good for you, your team, your business, and is NO longer an option.
  • LAUGHTER: This may be the best laugh you have had in a long time.

Tickets for individuals and groups may be purchased at the Bonnyville Centennial Centre Welcome Desk, by phone at 780‐812‐3400, or at www.centennialcentre.ca     More info – http://files.constantcontact.com/efc04e50401/35086ff2-ee92-4883-b6f3-444aff517255.pdf

Volunteers – Our Most Valuable Resource

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.” – Margaret Mead

Canada celebrates National Volunteer Week in order to say thank you to the thousands of people across the nation who unselfishly donate their time, energy and service. Covenant Health would like you to join us in saying thank you to our Covenant Health volunteers.

Volunteers are one of the most valuable resources. Their time and energy provide immeasurable support to busy staff. They add extra care to the quality healthcare patients and residents receive. And it’s not just about giving.  Volunteers will tell you it’s an excellent way to explore careers, learn useful skills, connect with your community and make new friends. Best of all, volunteering makes you feel good!

Do you like helping people? Are you looking for new experiences and challenges? Want to make a difference in your community? Then you might enjoy being a volunteer with Covenant Health in Bonnyville.

Volunteer Roles:

Friendly Visiting – Individuals who volunteer in this program spend their time socially interacting with residents and patients on a regular basis. Activities include reading and writing letters with patients and residents, taking part in spiritual care, pet therapy and creative care art in healing programs.

Recreational Activities – Volunteers in this program help residents and patients participate in activities like bingo, dancing, art and music.​

Customer Service – Individuals volunteering for customer service will spend time in our businesses, such as the gift shops or hair salons.  They might also act as greeters and assist in our Wayfinding program (helping patients and visitors get to their destinations).

Patient Services – Volunteers help provide residents and patient with a comfortable quality of life while they are in care.  They assist in serving meal trays, feeding patients, distributing water, adjusting pillows and bedding, and any other comfort needs of the patients.

Community Outreach – Volunteers working in the Community Outreach program perform hospital tours for kindergarten students and work with programs such as PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk- Related Trauma in Youth), home crafters knit (baby hats/ blankets/ afghans/ shrugs/ slippers) and the Baby Layette Bereavement Program (sewing gowns for early pregnancy baby loss and for stillborns).

Click here for more info http://www.covenanthealth.ca/volunteer


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